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I love economics and my economics teacher so much, even though she's a vindictive bitch by her own admission. It's logical, supremely so, and that makes me so happy

My Bio final actually sucks more than the Bio AP, which is pretty surprising.

I'm going to a midnight showing of Episode III on Wednesday, which in itself is pretty geeky. What's even geekier is that my friends and I having been planning it since Episode II came out. Yeah. I'm excited, though that day is going to be so busy I'm afraid of falling asleep halfway through. My mom also got a Darth Vader bobble head from work (she works at Pepsi) and gave it to me, though she didn't have any idea who he was.

Hee. I love Clive Owen and the Driver like crazy. Happily enough, there is this random British TV show called Second Sight playing on BBC America, and it's actually pretty good for a fairly standard murder-mystery. In which the lead dective goes blind and boinks his female second-in-command. I see a lot of those.
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