thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Star Wars thoughts:

-I enjoyed it, very much, but I had quite a few issues with it. There is just so much that I liked, but so much that really irked me, too.
- Pretty much every Anakin/Padme scene had horrendous dialogue, and there was much inappropriate laughing.
- The fight scenes were pretty kick ass.
- Ewan McGregor acts better with Yoda than he does with Hayden Christensen.
- I liked how everything in the prequel trilogy is nicely tied up and everything is set up for the original trilogy. Everything just neatly fell into place.

- Anakin's "fall" felt incredibly forced. I could buy that he didn't want Palpatine killed. I could almost sort of buy that he cut off Mace's hand in desperation to keep Palpatine alive. But switching sides completely right there seemed off. One second, he believes in the Jedi enough to tell them the truth, and the next second, he's plotting to kill them all. It really irked me, because up until that point, they had managed to show Anakin's slow drift from the Light pretty well. And that one scene killed it entirely for me.
- OMGWTF, they had to teach Obi-Wan how to come back as a ghost? That is almost as dumb an idea as the midichloricans. It kills some of the mythic aspect of the whole thing. It was such a random occurrence, too. By the way, your old master called, he wants to teach you how to talk to people after you're dead.
- I think the self-fulfilling prophecy could have been done better, but it was a nice irony there.
- Darth Vader was cool, right up until he screamed "Nooooooo!" It would have been so much cooler if he just destroyed crap and hissed something about how the Separatists were going to pay for her death.
- I liked that both Dooku and Grievous were killed early on. Or relatively early on. Neither one was particularly interesting.
- The Jedi being killed was very heart-wrenching, but I was incredibly irritated as to how easy it was to kill off Jedi-fucking-Masters. Yeah, they're not all Mace Windu or Yoda, but they sure as hell better be capable of surviving against a bunch of blasters, even if they are caught unaware. Yeah, I could understand for the regular Jedi at the temple, but the Masters who sit at the Council?
- Yoda is far too cool. Everyone in my theater cheered when he just walked into Palpatine's office and knocked over the guards.
- Though the scene where he fights Palpatine in the senate chambers was kinda lame. Yoda could have definitely come back and whupped Palpatine's ass, he so chose.
- Bail Organa was nicely integrated, too. I really liked his scenes with Yoda.
- Can I just say that male writers tend to really suck when they get strong female characters falling in love/marrying (*glares at Orson Scott Card*)? Padme is pretty much the only female speaking role in the entire movie, and any previous resourcefulness and intelligence she may have once displayed is gone, completely. It's physically painful to watch.
- The fight between Obi-Wan and Anakin, while nicely done, was overshadowed by their surroundings. Maybe it's supposed to up the tension, but the lava was sort of distracting from the actual fight.
- WOOKIES! And I now actually know how to pronounce Kashyyyk. I used to pronounce it Kash-ick, but it's really Kash-eek.
- I think I want to bow down to the awesomeness of James Earl Jones. I think I had a nerdgasm when I heard his voice.

There's a lot that I did like that I didn't mention, and this is the stuff that bugged me. Maybe it'll get better if I see it again. Maybe it'll get worse. I'll have to see.

For obvious reasons, I haven't seen Alias yet, though I'm excited. Yay!
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