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It needs to rain, like now. *busts out icon* The temperature has really been getting to me.

Our cable's been sucky for the past few weeks, and I have this urge to call up Time Warner Cable and bitch at them. If they make me miss Second Sight tonight, heads are going to roll.

My ears hurt. Allergies, maybe? My nose was a little only this morning, but that disappeared. I've never really been allergic to pollen, but yeah.

I am still bitter about the cancellation of Carnivàle. Assholes. At least TV Guide agrees with me:
JEERS to HBO for shutting down Carnivale after just two seasons-and on a cliff-hanger, no less. Sure, the show never broke through like The Sopranos or Six Feet Under, but it had a loyal niche audience that obsessed over its intricate mythology. For a network that brags "It's not TV. It's HBO," that was a real TV kind of thing to do.

On the same note, I have Carnivàle fic to write. And English papers. Yeah, school's still not over for me. Bah.

I really like this song. It's pretty.
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