thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

100 icons OMG

Yeah, it did eventually rain. Really, really, really hard. I'm good like that.

I also have a permanent account, now. w00t! (100 icons, omg. I might have to start making them again.) My conversation with my mom ran something like this:

her: "Hello?"
me: "Isortawanttogetsomethingofftheinternetthatcosts$150"
her: "What is it?"
me: "Livejournal."
her: "Don't you already have one?"
me: "butthiswayIdon'thavetopayanymore."
her: "Um, ok."

I really need to get my own job. I think Old Navy is hiring, but I still need to fill out paperwork.

I also really need to fill out paperwork, because I have a 3rd gen iPod, and it's been pretty shitty to me for almost a year now, in terms of the battery, and Apple just lost a class action lawsuit over it, and I need to decide whether I'd like to get free battery replacement or $50 in Apple Store credit.

In no universe that it exists will The Last Samurai be better than Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I say this because some poor deluded souls in my school believe this and it breaks my heart. (Much in the way Anakin was breaking Padme's heart. Exactly like that.)
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