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Tags OMG. I have really been eagerly awaiting these. Because I'm a dork. Though part of me is whining, do I have to tag all my old entires? (And you can tag other people's entries! OMG!) To some degree, this might just be a glorified version of memories, but it still makes me all squeeish. I really hope most of the clients will be updated soon to support these suckers.

I've been chucking tons of mods into my Sims 2 game, which may or may not be slowing down the game even further than it was before, which was decent, but still kind of obnoxious. Now I just need to whack my head against a wall. Maybe I'll add more RAM this summer. And a new video card. And get my DVD-ROM drive fixed. Again.

Still ambivalent about school ending. I mean, I'll miss it to some degree. I had good friends (not necessarily close, but good) and I had fun. I also had not so much fun, but we all forget that in the end right? I don't know what's going to happen about Brown, and I know better than to get too excited about college. That way only leads to pain and resentment.

I will get writing once my Sims addiction subsides. Really. And making icons, because I still have far too many spaces open.
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