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I know I kind of disappear when I go on a KotoR binge. Sorry.

Wire in the Blood is such an awesome show on BBC America. It's pretty classic murder mystery, but a little more gruesome than most, and since it features a psychologist, pretty much focuses on serial killers. Said psychologist is a little crazy, like the best profilers are, and is prone to thinking out loud and being obsessive. The plots, while nicely twisty, can get someone predictable (you know they're not going to get the right person until the last ten minutes), but it's fun, and the acting is excellent.

I got my shiny new iPod today! I really hope the claim for the old one goes through soon, or else i feel all guilty and stuff because my mom doesn't have hers yet. I don't like using iTunes, really, but it does tell me that I have 6 days of music.

Also, I've figured out how to get emulators to work, so pretty soon I'll be addicted to the Gameboy Advance versions of Zelda and Mario. Right now I'm playing pokemon because I always wanted to as a kid and my parents would never, ever let me have video games, though PC games were different. I know I'm a loser. Shut up.
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