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Have gotten my DVD drive fixed again, but at least it is being happy and allowing me to cap some of The Hire. Yay. (Though the DVD player I'm using is far too large and bloated.

I should have another fanmix up by tonight. "Should" being the key word. I've got everything together, but it takes a lot of time and effort to put it all up onto my website.

Speaking of websites, I think I'm going to try to set up my own server. My parents are willing to shill a few hundred dollars for a crap PC so that I can do this. I grabbed an "Apache for Beginners" book out of the library after I was working there, too, so this might become an actual project for this summer.

Also, after visiting my AwStats page, I realized that people actually visit my site and stuff, and that's weird.

I really really want to write something for yahtzee63's Greatest Movie Lines Challenge, but I can't seem to focus on writing at the moment. Stupid computer games.
Tags: challenges, server stuff, stupid dvd player, writing
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