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New York was fun. Bought lots of stuff.

I haven't even finished one book, but I'm already in love with William Gibson. If I didn't suck at writing, I would say he was my zen-soulmate-thing. He writes in a way that wish I could.

I am also catching up on my friendslist. I should probably drop a few comms, but I'm attached for ome reason.

I was feeling kind of meh about the new Coldplay CD, but it's grown on me. "Talk" has really sunk in.

I am having a Linux weekend, to see if I can get a few more things up and running. Notably:

a) shorewall
b) cd-rw/dvd combo drive and cd-rw drive

I'm really sad I missed Live8, especially U2 and Paul McCartney doing "Sgt. Pepper", because OMG.

I really want to write, but I keep on hitting a brick wall. *shakes fist*

So, how's everyone else been?
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