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Old fandom. And stuff.

Reading your old writing is very weird. I just went back and read a lot of my old FMA stuff, and there are moments that you like, that you hate, that you go "WTF? what did I mean by that?"

I had to read over one of my sentences five times before I understood what I was saying. That was weird.

In more of my pathetic fandom history, I was feeling nostalgic and went back to the first online fandom that I ever lurked in. Weirdly enough, it's Zelda, game(s) I never really played (but always wished I could). I think my fascination with the fandom had more to do with the idea of online fanfic and less with the fandom itself, because I remember it being crap then (at the ripe old age of 13) and it's still crap now.
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