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Saw War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, and Spirited Away with evilmogget, and I am in a good movie overload. Expect incoherent rambling.

War of the Worlds:
I enjoyed this much more than I was expecting to. The dispassion of the original source material (or so I've been told) is a good balance to Spielburg's tendency toward sentimentality.

- OMG aliens. The tripods were surprisingly not cheesy, though it seems like they would be considering. The aliens themselves were really, really good for (most likely) computer graphics.
- I liked Tom Cruise. I think he's batshit fucking insane, but he did well in this movie.
- It was a scary, scary movie on a couple levels. The whole "who-the-fuck-are-these-guys-and-why-are-they-trying-to-kill-us" level, and the whole "wow-people-are-fucking-scary-when-desperate". The whole ferry sequence was terrifying.
- I liked that the characters never really understood anything, and so they were left screaming and sunning and hiding. The opening and closing voiceovers seem less like a copout and more of a clarification. The first one wasn't really necessary, but it does help bookend the film.

Batman Begins
I loved this movie. So much. Christian Bale was really showing off his range. I totally bought him as collegeboy!Bruce. It was probably just the hair, though. Namecheck of all the actors in smaller roles that I absolutely adored: Morgan Freeman (so awesome, though I've always pictured him more of a businessman than a scientist. Maybe it's just me.), Michael Caine (snarkier-than-usual!Alfred yay), Tom Wilkinson (You have an Oscar, but your Italian-mafia accent is pretty bad), Gary Oldman (Plz stay on til you're Commissioner Gordon. kthnxbye), Rutger Hauer (you could practically feel the slime coming off of this guy).

- Ras al Ghul. Not that I have anything against Liam Neeson, but isn't he supposed to be middle-eastern? Or something? I sort of hope hey go through with the whole daughter storyline, because it amuses me, but I think they're trying to keep the supernatural elements to a minimum.
- I want to be a ninja.
- The scene between Falconi and Bruce killed me ded. Christian Bale was so perfect at conveying how Bruce completely did not belong there, and yet how determined he was to be there. I think I squeed a bit.
- The Batman fight scenes were awesome. It usually hate the jump-cut method of directing action scenes, but here it works, because you're not supposed to see what's happening. It helps heighten the confusion.
- Lucius and Bruce are great together. Yay.
- I loved how they handled the non-romance between Rachel and Bruce, because it was actually in character omg, and there's no cheesy "happily ever after" that just shouldn't be there. I hate the fact that they felt required to add in the romance at all, but I'm glad it works out the way it should.

Spirited Away:

I don't have much to say about this one, because it needs to be experienced. I got warm fuzzies while watching. The animation is gorgeous, the characters are great and the dub is pretty good. Yay.
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