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List ten fictional characters you would sleep with, then tag five friends...

1. Maes Hughes (Fullmetal Alchemist) - Do I need to list a reason? Are you new or something?
2. Young!Awkward!Angry!Collegeboy!Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins) - For some reason, he got himself stuck to my subconscious and won't let go. I like him because he's the transition, from the Innocent!Child!Bruce to Bitter!Angry!Cold!Batman.

That's actually as far as I got. Either it's my brain not remembering characters, or there are just not enough fictional characters I want to sleep with. I love tons of fictional characters, but I just don't want to sleep with them.

Frank Miller loves my OTP. That makes me strangely happy for some reason.

Also, I just finished HBP, which took far too long IMO. I'm just happy it's over, because this s means I can go back to obsessing over Batman stuff. I have a copy of The Dark Knight Returns that I have never read. This must be rectified immediately.

(Also? No Batman/Oracle icon. Must also be rectified immediately.)
Tags: fandom, randomness
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