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Ah Batman, I have missed you

I've been thinking about this movie for quite a while, and I like the way they handled Rachel Dawes for the most part in Batman Begins (and no, I'm never doing to shut up about this movie), because she's one of the only female speaking parts, and probably the only developed one. I really hate Pointless Love Interests, but Rachel works on a few more levels than that and it works.

I like that she doesn't really understand Bruce, and the movie doesn't tell us that she does. That in some ways, she's left behind in Bruce's crusade. I like that Bruce, despite his resolve to keep Batman a secret, desperately wants her to like him, even though he's changed. Like, he doesn't want her to see him as vapid, shallow Bruce Wayne, because he likes and respects her, which is such a human thing for Bruce to feel and it makes him more human as a character. I like that they part because Bruce has changed too much for her, nut she understands, and maybe she'll be the DA equivalent of Gordon if (or when) they do sequels.

I don't like that they forced a romantic relationship out of it in the last ten minutes of the movie. Really, they worked fine as friends for most of the movie, there was really no need for them to kiss at all. I don't like the fact that she has almost no personality whatsoever outside of "idealistic DA". We have no reason for her friendship with Bruce whatsoever, other than she went with her mom to the Wayne mansion. We have no back story as to who she is. Was her mom a servant? Was her mom a socialite? Why is she already a DA when Bruce basically gets out of college? (I think he's supposed to be 22-23 in the flashback, because he disappears for seven years, and then has a sign reading "Happy 30" when Rachel comes to visit him.) Also, I don't like how they replaced Harvey Dent with her. They could have given him a shout out at least.

I guess there wasn't much expansion of back story for any of the supporting characters, like Alfred or Earle (I think there was a fair amount for Ducard and Lucius. Not that much, but yeah, more than the others got.)

So maybe that was a waste of time, but now I know where I can start my Batman Begins fic. Rachel POV yay. Actually, I wanted to do Bruce's POV, because he's just a fun character to write, but since the movie basically is his POV, that felt a bit redundant. Like, really redundant.

I used to follow the comic books, and I used to love it, but I stopped reading for a bit, and then I had no clue as to what was going on. Yeah, they're like that. I've been sort of playing catch up, but it makes my brain hurt.
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