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Coming Home
Batman Begins ficlet. 290 words.

It's the early evening when Bruce lands in Gotham International, and the sky is painted a glorious golden red.

When he steps off the plane, he's tempted to kiss the ground, but he knows that would be leaning a little too far toward the eccentric.

It's clear that many people at the airport recognize him (or at least think they do) and even in the buzz of noise it's hard to ignore the half-concealed stares and whispers.

A limo is waiting for him and it hasn't been so long that he's forgotten what it's like to ride in one. Alfred's driving, same as always.

"You do remember the way to the manor, right?" Bruce asks through the intercom, letting his smirk come through in his voice, because this is Alfred and they're in Gotham and he's finally, finally home.

"Of course, Master Bruce. We wouldn't want to get lost in the Narrows, would we?"

Bruce laughs at that, feeling young again for the first time in ages.

The manor is still covered in white sheets, but Bruce feels no reluctance to take them down this time. It may be his father's house, but it's still his home. Just like Gotham is his father's city.

He can make his father proud. He will.

At that point, his plan for saving Gotham is still vague, half-formed. It's not until later, when the bats swirl around him, claiming him as one of their own, that he makes his promise.

I will protect your city for you, Father, he thinks as the rush blows his hair back and the screeching fills his ears. I will love it as you did.

And maybe that moment, more than anything else, is his homecoming.


I just needed to write some BB fic really quick, since all the other stuff has decided that it hates me, omg. Yeah.
Tags: batman, fic
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