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Batman TPBs. And other assorted randomness

Yeah, so I've been lazy for a while. I want to see a new movie, but all of the ones in theaters a) I don't care for or b) suck. The Brothers Grimm looks interesting, if only because of Terry Gilliam, but it sounds vaguely dumb, so yeah, maybe not.

Finally, finally, finally got my room assignment. I'm not on Keeney Quad, which totally screws with my sense of placement, but I think I'll figure things out. My roommate likes Monty Python and the Beatles. This is such a fortuitous event, I'm tempted to give up atheism. Now if I could be certain that my schedule is going to work out.

Read a whole bunch of Batman TPBs because yes, I am lame.


- I loved the concept. Fricking brilliant. It's obvious that Batman Begins takes a few cues from them, especially with the whole "crazy/psycho villains replacing traditional gangsters" idea. Plus, Carmine Falcone! OMG.
- Hee. The Bruce/Selina (as well as the Batman/Catwoman) is kinda cute in many ways.
- It irritates me that DV has basically the same premise as TLH. It's not that much more interesting the second time, either.
- The entire rogues gallery gets to come out and play in both books which makes me strangely happy. Yay.
- I like that Harvey is vaguely crazy (or ruthless) before he becomes Two-Face.
- The Dick Grayson/Robin storyline in DV sucks. I like how they introduced him, but Loeb doesn't do anything with him (except for this really random confrontation in the Batcave, which is still all WTF?). It just seems like the DC Brass were all like "Um, according to our timeline Robin shows up about now" and Loeb was all "Um, ok." and Robin never seems to gel with the overall storyline.
- I love that Falcone owes Bruce a debt over Thomas Wayne saving his life. That must screw with Bruce's head like crazy.

- I like hard-boiled!Bruce. He's ballsy, intelligent and ruthless. Yay.
- On the other hand, why the hell is using a sniper rifle?
- The mutants are interesting. Vaguely.
- I like Miller's Jim Gordon, though I do have some issue with it (see Year One).
- Overall, it seems a bit over-hyped now, but I guess it wouldn't surprise me that it was revolutionary for the time. It's pretty good.

- AKA the one in which Jim Gordon drinks beer and cheats on his wife. No seriously. It kinda bugs me. Sure Sarah Essen is cooler than (older) Barbara Gordon and it makes some sort of sense, what with it being a new shit-hole of a city (Gotham) for him. But seriously. Dude. Gordon?
- Hee. I love rich!bastard!playboy!Bruce. He's just so wonderfully charismatic and stupid and arrogant.
- Batman calling on the bats is the coolest thing ever. It even looks pretty damn cool on screen, too.
- This seems more of Gordon's story than Batman's, which isn't bad, but considering that it's called Batman: Year One, it's a little weird.
- I really hate it when comics have cursive text. Yeah, yeah, style, blahblahblah. But it makes it hard to read and it's obnoxious.
- Overall, good stuff.

- I love this idea. I love that it was this massive thing (when it first came out) and it was all over all the books and that this is when I first started reading the Batman books. I have a weird apocalypse kink and yeah, this has the idea in spades.
- Now, looking back on it, I get the trauma of it. Gotham is practically its own character, and here it's.. well, not broken, but hurt and wild and crazy. Bruce feels incredibly tied to it, and it shows. The government giving up on his city makes him question whether he should give up on it too.
- Oracle will always be my favorite Bat-character. She kicks 10 kinds of ass. And with her pulling the strings in a run-down post-apocalyptic Gotham? Be still my heart.
- The whole thing is so wonderfully epic, and there's such potential for smaller stories to fit into the framework. The TPBs only have the main storyline, however, and it makes me sad.
- I still love Clark showing up and talking with Bruce. "And to someone who isn't the World's Greatest Detective?" "You look fine."
- The Gordon-Batman conversation just breaks me every. single. time.

There's a whole bunch more that I could comment on, but I think I'll leave it at that for now.

Ocarina of Time is a great game, but unlike KotoR, playing it for extended periods of time is not an option. Also, because I'm using an emulator, I just simply cannot beat this one part, and it pisses me off. Argh. The arrow keys are just not the same.

I want to read V for Vendetta. The trailer has piqued my interest, and everything about it sounds like it would be my sort of thing. Will check it out later.

Facebook isn't that interesting/good/whatnot as people were hyping. Seriously.

I think I might be able to get around to working some more on I Might Be Wrong. If I can pull myself away from my Batman obsession, of course.
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