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Movie Trailers: Because sometimes they're better than the movie itself.

I love trailers. Yeah, yeah, yeah, short attention span, blah blah blah. But I still like them, and a good trailer can get you incredibly pumped for an otherwise stupid sounding movie.

I've never seen it on stage (though I wanted to), but I always loved the music, especially Seasons of Love, and the trailer has me sold. It could go horribly wrong, but it looks sincere and beautiful and honest in a way that reminds me of Angels of America and Lost in Translation.

Will I see it? Probably, if stars_inthe_sky (my Brown roomie) drags me. :p

Goblet of Fire:
Eh. Hate the trailer. The new footage is pretty good, but it hardly looks like there's enough there to get excited over.

Will I see it? Yes. With a whole bunch of nerds.

A Scanner Darkly:
Phillip K. Dick! I haven't actually read the book (alas), though I love his stuff. Add in Linklater, who I will love forever and ever for School of Rock, and I'm sold. The style looks like what I've seen of Waking Life, and it would be interesting to see if it works. Keanu Reeves is once again acting in a scifi/fantasy role. Doesn't that guy do anything else?

Will I see it? I'll have to read the book first.

Reminds me of Full Metal Jacket for whatever reason. Jamie Foxx's "I thank God for every day I have in the corps. Ho-rah." line gave me chills. In a good way. The rap music fits, even, in a strange way.

Will I see it? If there's nothing better in theaters.

King Kong
I like Peter Jackson, but this trailer left me completely cold. The special effects are gorgeous, Jack Black is basically Jack Black, and there's rampant destruction, but there's nothing that really grabs me.

Will I see it? On DVD. At least a year afterward. Maybe earlier if the reviews are good.

The movie looks like badass fun, but Tony Scott's style is nauseating if you watch it for more than five minutes. Sure, it worked ok on one of The Hire films, but that doesn't mean it's good. Christopher Walken is god, but it's definitely not enough to save the movie. The voice over in the trailer with the repeat effects really blows. They're there for effect, but the effect doesn't quite work.

Will I see it? No.

The New World:
I will admit that my new, weird Christian Bale fixation comes into play here, but the movie looks interesting at the very least. I'm not really all that into historical films, but hey, I hear Malick is good and the trailer is gorgeous. I like how the trailer doesn't really rely on voice over or text at all to entice people, and instead relies on the beauty of its visuals. It's something that doesn't really happen much in trailers these days.

Will I see it? Depends on the reviews, but I'm definitely leaning toward seeing it.

I'm still hip-deep in graphic novels. In the process of reading Arkham Asylum, and I have Watchmen and V for Vendetta lined up for next. Yay.

OMG. I'm going to college in like a week.
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