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More boring RL-type stuff

Got my class schedule straightened out a bit. I like my adviser, even though it was still new and awkward and stuff. He suggested that I take Linear Algebra instead of Honors Calculus, which would probably be better in the long run, because I'm taking a few classes that have a heavy workload, and Honors Calc would just add to that. A lot. I might shop for a Modern Culture and Media course as well, though I guess it's not a brilliant idea to take on five classes my first semester.

Also got stitches in my lip, for the first time ever, because I am a klutz and a . That was fun. At least I feel better knowing that Brown's Health Services Office knows what it's doing. And that waiting in the ER blows.

But I just got back from listening to acapella, which makes everything ok. Sort of.
Tags: rl stuff, school stuff
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