thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Whee! I love Brown's Comp Sci department. They had an open house today and everyone there was awesome.

My parents drove up to visit me because they were freaking out because of the stitches thing and they brought a printer. yay.

I finally feel like not so much of a loser now, since I just donated four dollars to the whole Katrina thing. Brown has a donation-matching thing going on, which hopefully means that my meager offerings will at least be 50% less meager now. Today, when I actually have cash on me, I'll be able to donate more, but even being able to do that yesterday helped me feel less insanely helpless.

I turn eighteen today. w00t?

EDIT: My roommate is awesome and bought me donuts.
Tags: rl stuff, school

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