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More on how boring my life is.

The deal on I Might Be Wrong: I have to finish writing the last chapter and the epilogue and then have lots of stuff edited and betaed. But I might start posting some of my "saved up" chapters as soon as I finish the main writing period. All in all, there should be a prologue, fourteen chapters, and an epilogue. So, basically, I stopped posting at the exact midpoint of the story. :p

Also, I am close to finishing a really short Roy/Hughes thing, which has been giving me trouble. I think I'll maybe post it tonight if I have the tine.

WebCT sucks major ass. I guess this means that I need to turn in my drop/add form soon, so I can actually see the site that has my Econ 113 homework posted.

I'm very tired. Not quite sure why.
Tags: school stuff, writing
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