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I wish I had the patience to tinker with layouts more often. I think I could make half-way decent ones if I were willing to put the time and the effort into tinkering with them.

But I don't. so yeah.

I would be writing Maybe Tomorrow-verse pr0n, but then for some reason Batman Begins ate my brain again, and a I'm probably going to end up doing the 30_gens themes for Bruce instead. Muahaha. Also, there are some intensive edits I should be doing for I Might Be Wrong, and yeah. Ha. I'm feeling too lazy, and not nearly masochistic enough to go through and do them.

I also have this strange urge to write a really weird sort of Kill Bill-Star Wars hybrid with badass!samurai-sword-wielding!Obi-Wan, but it would probably end up being long and plotty and I don't do long and plotty very well. Maybe I'll do a snippet of it, like I did with the Hellblazer crossovers. The Kill Bill Vol. 1 trailer music is the most badass thing ever.

I still have 3000 words of an Alias thing that was going to end up being like 3000-4000 words longer. I want to finish it, but I keep on getting sidetracked and stuff. And for me, that's a really freaking long fic. But I have a general idea that I want to center it around, have it vaguely outlined.

Sometimes I wish I could write flowy and lyrical writing, as opposed to leaving GIANT GAPING HOLES that people can fill in with whatever they want and then believe I am deep and stuff.

Also, I'm thinking of making a fic-only journal, so that I can be l33t not feel like I'm freaking out all my RL friends by having them have gay porn on their friendslist. Yay? Nay?

On a side note, I still haven't gone to the mall.
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