thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Rar. Bad mood. I know I lost points for some stupid shit on my test. And that's just the ones I know I screwed up. Fuck. Rar. OMG. May go see a student-written play tonight with stars_inthe_sky, we'll see. Am contemplating watching the Office and getting Chinese food. I miss eating lots and lots of take-out.

I realized that if I do yuletide, I'll have to get it done really early, because I will most likely be away in Hong Kong and Shanghai with my parents and other assorted relatives for that entire last week of December. I will have to remember that. Unfortunately, that means I'll miss squeeing over any fic I may receive. 'Tis sad.

Deadly Evil Anthropologist-Devouring Person-Abducting Ravager from the Ruined Ominous Tower

(It wouldn't take thedeadparrot, phooey)
Tags: omg woes, shiny stuff
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