thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I am sad. I am full of sad things.

Take a line from each of your WiPs (and currently abandoned, but possibly completed fic) and post it with a little description.

30_gens Bruce thing (a few, because I have tons and tons of stuff for this now):
She had put him away with the doll she would not part with when she was five, the pony she had wanted at six (and dreamed that one day Dr. Wayne would give to her), the trashy teen romance novels that she always hated herself for liking but still read anyway, and the thrill of riding a roller coaster for the first time.

But then the wind picks up, and the illusion is blown away like sand.

And Gotham worked her way into Bruce's system a long time ago. Even the years away from her, trying to get away, he couldn't, because he was always hers and hers alone. He could not find room in his heart for Cape Town, for Shanghai, for London.

Batman Begins training fic thing, that I decided is kind of sucky:
Bruce knows he's being petulant, but the last thing he needs a self-esteem boost like he's some emotionally fragile five-year-old. He's here to learn, to become better, not to be coddled.

AU!Bruce/Crane, that did not work because they hate each other too much:
It gives Crane a little thrill to imagine what he could do if Ra's let him have Wayne after all this was over, what it would be like to take the man in front of him apart, to peel back the layers and see what makes him tick. The thought is delicious, and he turns it over in his mind to savor the taste.

Random Maybe Tomorrow-verse fic that I'm probably never going to finish. Ever. I just really like this line:
Maes rolls his eyes. "Well, you're in this band, you see. You get paid to travel around the country with your friends. You play bass pretty well. You get all the girls. You like to piss Havoc off every once in a while. And you are one of the most elitist pricks I have ever known, but that's okay, because Coldplay is actually pretty good. Now can I get some sleep?"

The Hi! I'm smoking far too much crack! The Hire/FMA fic:
In the rear view mirror, the driver can see that his client has folded his hands across his chest, and that he is wearing white gloves in contrast to his dark jacket. A strange symbol in red is stitched into the right glove. He speaks again as suddenly as he did the first time, "The Fuhrer, what do you think of him?"

Carnivale end-of-the-world fic that I will finish one day:
It was when she told him that she loved him -- not always in words -- that it really hurt.

Jack/Sloane thing that I finished, but will probably never post because it was jossed like crazy S4 and selenak did it much better than me, anyway:
Arvin loved Jack and Jack loved Arvin. That's just the way they were.

Verona Beach AU thing that I will finish at some point. Hopefully:
Whatever adrenaline that has been fueling her for the past few days drains out of her, leaving her feeling empty and tired. She leans against the window of the car and resists the urge to bite her fingernails. She kicked that habit in third grade, but sometimes, when she's feeling especially young, it comes back with a vengeance.

The End. I definitely need to write more fluff.
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