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- One thing that makes me incredibly squeeful is that there will be more flashbacks of BatDaddy, though we probably won't see more of collegeboy!Bruce. Hopefully, the flashbacks also have a bit more of Bruce's mother, because that would be awesome.
- A lot of Bruce and Roman Sionis arguments also makes me happy, because I very shallowly find Christian Bale hot, and having plenty of time out of Bat suit makes me happy. Bruce as Bruce, whether he's being all angsty or assholeish, makes me happy in general.
- Liev Schreiber as Harvey Dent is not too bad, I don't think, though I am still rooting for Clive Owen, however. Just on principle.
- I'm beginning to dig the idea of Paul Bettany as Joker, definitely. That guy has insane charisma to spare.

Also, I'm at about 12 Batman Begins 30_gens ficlets and counting. Go me.
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