thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Yes, it's still raining. My teeth are good.

It's Parents' Weekend here at Brown, and my parental units have come up to visit. Went to an a capella concert tonight. Good fun. Good fun. They have also increased my stock of DVDs, which is excellent. Still haven't seen House of Flying Daggers, and it looks very, very pretty. I am such a sucker for pretty things.

Slightly addicted to Firefly. It's a great, fun show. Not perfect. Not the Second Coming of, um, some really great Science Fiction thing, but still good and fun. I really need to get down to the mall and see the movie, mayhap with said parental units.

I think my Firefly OTP, for some reason, has become Simon/River, because really, hetcest is the new slash. And their relationship creeps me out. In a good way. And a bad way. Both, really.
Tags: firefly, rl stuff
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