thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Some more Batman Begins thoughts:

- I am still in love with collegeboy!Bruce. Dude, his hair. It gets more strangely attractive every time I see it.
- I watched the scenes where he climbed up the mountain a gazillion time for this fic I wrote, and yet, it never got old.
- The special features are decent. Behind-the-scenes stuff, while interesting and enlightening is fairly common behind-the-scenes stuff. Some of the concept art is really interesting. I really dig this one poster of Bruce looking up in the cave, and a reflection of him in the water is of Batman, looking down. Very The Phantom Menace-ish
- Christopher Nolan, my offer still stands.
- Still don't get the Cillian Murphy obsession. His face kinda scares me, and in a 'wow, you look really weird' way and not in a 'wow, you are so hot you look creepy' way. Sorry. I think it's the lips. and the cheekbones. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the cheekbones (I have a Christian Bale obsession, don't I?) but Murphy's cheekbones scare me.
- I still need to take lots of Gary screencaps and then proceed to spam lykaios with them. Seriously.
- I still want to be a ninja. I hear they flip out and kill people all the time.
- Is the sequel out yet? Seriously.
Tags: batman
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