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The midterms have not gotten to me yet!

Mashups! Score. I love these things.

I'm digging The Colbert Report. Not a perfect show, not by most means, but it's still pretty good. I am also still amused by the fact Comedy Central could conceivably have a "news headquarters".

Also, there's a speaker coming to talk about George Lucas and Lucasfilm and ILM and stuff like that. I need to remember to go to that. I did a report on George Lucas in 9th grade. It kind of sucked, but I did it and I want to check it out.

My roommate is sick, which means I'll have to be extra careful if I don't want to end up taking my Econ midterm with a cold. Speaking of my Econ midterm, I'm still certain I'm going to fail. Yup.
Tags: funneh, geek-out, music type things
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