thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I am now addicted to cheesy badness that is Smallville, holy shit. And it isn't even for the Clark/Lex, which is there, but doesn't really appeal to me. What really gets me is how utterly bad, illogical, and overly melodramatic it is. Also, how awesome is Lois? She kicks so much ass and takes names. Chloe is cool, too, but she lacks that essential take-no-prisoners brashness that makes Lois so great.

So ticky-boxes, huh? I shall see what I can do.

I am somewhat excited about my yuletide fic. It doesn't suck, and I just need to straighten some stuff out and get the beta back. Yay!

Let's not talk about my finals, 'k?
Tags: smallville: crack substitute
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