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Year in Fic 2005:

Fullmetal Alchemist
Walk On (Ed, Al)
Everything In It's Right Place (Roy, Hughes, Hawkeye, vaguely romantic.)
Earth, Clay, Death (Roy/Hughes)
I Might Be Wrong (Roy/Hughes)

In Dreams (Sofie)

The Hurting Is So Painless From The Distance of Passing Cars (Jack/Irina)

Batman Begins
Annus (Bruce)
Themes In the Key of B (Bruce)

Running to Stand Still (John Connor)

The Office
Not Gay (Tim/Gareth)

Minority Report
Falling (John Anderton, my yuletide fic)

Wow. That's... not a lot. I think I really need to write more. Just because I love writing, even though posting can be such a stressful experience.

My favorite story this year: Annus (that will never stop looking like "Anus", will it?), probably, since I adored the movie so much, and it came out better than I ever expected it to.

My best story this year: I'm so bad at judging my own fic. Bah.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Eh, I like to think they're all equally underappreciated.

Most fun story: Not Gay, definitely. Gareth has such a wonderfully fractured view of his own life, and while it was hard for me to get in the mindset, it wonderfully fun when I got there.

Most sexy story: Ahahahahahahahaha.

Story with single sexiest moment: *falls off the chair laughing*

Hardest story to write: I Might Be Wrong, pulls in this category for simply taking about a year to finish when it really wasn't all that long. Earth Clay Death, comes close. I worked for like three months on that thing.

"Holy crap, that's wrong even for you" fic: The closest I get is I Might Be Wrong. Or maybe Not Gay. I really should try writing some really wrong pairings from time to time.

Fic that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: The Hurting Is So Painless From The Distance of Passing Cars, because Jack and Irina are really complex and hard to write. I wouldn't say that it shifted my perceptions in any major ways, but it certainly did help me work out the details.

Biggest disappointmentThe Winter of Our Discontent, I think. It never really felt quite right. There are some moments in there that I absolutely love, but I don't think it holds together quite as well as I'd like.

Biggest surprise: Not Gay. There was a point where I never thought I'd be able to write it, and then it just sort of came out of me. Like word-vomit, in a way.

Most telling story: Earth, Clay, Death. Angst, woe, and war. What really could show more about me?

What's next? Hopefully actually writing stuff this year, as opposed to sitting around on my ass doing nothing all of the time.
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