thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Because Large and J. D. really would get along wonderfully.

I totally wrote a short Garden State/Scrubs fic for no apparent reason. Yay for pointless and random crossovers!

Andrew has decided that Sacred Heart is weird. He's really only here because Sam's mom called to tell him that Sam had one of her seizures, and that she was asking for him, and this has got to be the weirdest hospitals he's ever been in.

There's a blond doctor that keeps walking by and staring at him, like she's trying to read his shirt or something and she can't get it all in one walk-by. Except that he's not wearing a shirt with any writing on it.

There's the janitor who keeps glaring at him, even though he hasn't done anything yet, not even his messy habit of leaving gum in random places.

There's the Latino nurse who keeps glancing at him and frowning. Andrew has decided that it would be best if he avoided all eye contact with her. Just to be on the safe side.

Some guy who calls himself "the Todd" keeps high-fiving him for no reason.

He really hopes Sam's doctor will get here soon enough. It's not the waiting, really. It's the very weird and uncomfortable attention he's been getting. He's fairly certain that if her were the squirming type, he'd be squirming right now. There are footsteps behind him. "Andrew Largeman?" a voice asks.

He spins around, and things begin to click into place. "Yeah," he says, feeling a little dumbfounded. "That's me."

It's a little weird when you come face to face with someone who could practically be yourself. Except with gelled-up hair. And a stethoscope. And scrubs. At first, the other guy stares at him, narrowing his eyes, and then he seems to look up off into space, lost in his own thoughts. Andrew isn't really sure of what to make of it. It's well, weird.

But then, the guy grins big and wide and goofy and unrestrained in a way Andrew never really has. The difference is comforting, in a weird way. "I'm Dr. Dorian," the guy says, sticking out his hand, "Sam's doctor. Nice to meet you."

He sounds different, too. Andrew grabs his hand and shakes it and smiles back. "Yeah," he says.


P.S. This also totally wasn't a way for me to show off my new Garden State icon. Nope.
Tags: fic
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