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1. I am totally writing an epic Lois/Clark Smallville future fic based on The Constant Gardener. I am only really, really a little ashamed of this.

2. When I was watching Citizen Kane for the first time, I was wondering whether young Kane and old Kane were played by the same person.

3. I eat a peanut butter and jelly bagel for breakfast every day.

4. I play RPGs, even though I usually hate the battles and the massive amounts of really boring talking. I still have not figured out why I like them.

5. Sometimes I feel like a poser-nerd.

6. I never seem to listen to U2 anymore, even though I obsessed over them for at least a year of my life, if not more.

7. I joined Tech House for their big screen TV (though being a meeting place for all the geeky people on campus didn't exactly hurt).

8. I am a horrifically bad student. I procrastinate on everything and almost never study. My only redeeming value is that I go to every class and generally listen to what the teacher says.

9. I miss being ten.

10. I think the reason why I can't stay away from the FMA fandom for very long is because I get more feedback from there than anywhere else. I feel guilty because of this.
Tags: why am i such a loser?
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