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BSG 2.18 - Downloaded

Cylons! Cylons! Cylons!

They are so freaking awesome. And they're finally realizing that duh, being morally superior to another race, means, you know, being morally superior. I think that it wasn't so much the fact that love redeemed Six and Sharon as much as the fact that they realized by knowing and loving these people, they realized that humans didn't really deserve to be wiped off the face of the galaxy. Racial/religious understanding at its finest. Could there be another Cylon-human truce in the works? We shall see.

There so needs to be Six/Sharon femslash now. JUST SAYING.

Also, the parallel Baltar inside Six's head was a nice touch.

The whole plan with the Cylon baby was just awesome. Like crazy. Roslin is so hardcore. Tyrol and Helo letting the ashes go made me all teary-eyed.

Anders coming back didn't matter to me one way or another. He didn't do too much. Apparently he shows up again in the finale? It would make sense then to have him in this one so people don't completely forget him.

Lucy Lawless is still hot.

Cylons are incredibly interesting and shit. I want more of them. THERE ARE ANOTHER SIX MODELS. RIGHT? RIGHT?
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