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BSG 2.19 - Lay Down Your Burdens, Pt 1

OMFG! I love the politics! Especially when they have a brilliantly set up issue that isn't meant to perfectly align with the current political climate but thematically echoes politics in general really well!

Shallow thoughts:

- Huh, the summary of this episode had absolutely nothing to do with anything that happened in it, but whatever. It's going to happen eventually.

- Bwah! Gaeta's tattoo! I wonder if it's the actor's and they wanted to incorporate it into an episode, or if it's fake. Not that it matters. Just liked that bit of continuity.

- The fact that there is a Commander Adama v2.0 will never stop being funny. NEVER.

- Speaking of him, I love his and Kara's non-conversation about Anders. It was very cute. As was Rosln's pre-debate warm-up.The giggling! The giggling!

- I totally loved the "Go frak yourself." Roslin is so awesome.

Deeper thoughts:
- The inclusion of a maybe-inhabitable planet was a masterstroke. Brilliant. I love that it forces a political issue that is very much in line with the Galactica universe, but still makes perfect sense, lets Baltar be slimy and ruthless, and levels the playing field between he and Roslin. Because as much as I hope Roslin wins, I want to see drama more, as opposed to Baltar just being clobbered.

- The parallels between real world and Galactica world politics are really interesting. And it's really great and all the more powerful because the parallels aren't direct. They kind of get at it in a roundabout, yet resonant way. I wish we could see more of the civilians, simply because I want to hear their story, though I completely understand why they would support Baltar. And yet, at the same time, they're willing to believe the prettier lie (that they can thrive on this planet) than bear the hard truth. It is the most important decision of the election, and while the rest of Baltar's platform blows, I can see him making a campaign entirely out of it.

On that note, it would seem, with a shallow reading of the situation that Roslin's supposed to be Bush (what with the accusations of fear-mongering and such). I would like to point out that she's Laura fucking Roslin, and it's a completely different situation, so please don't drag US politics into it. kthnx.

I think that's meant to mirror it in a deeper way than that. It's showing how a politician will take a stand that don't actually believe in, simply in order to win an election. The good of the people becomes irrelevant or lost, in the desire for power. I wonder if Baltar will realize that living on a barely hospitable planet isn't exactly going to help him survive, or if he if figures that he'll go back on his progress when he wins.

- The whole going-back-to-Caprica thing is set up nicely. It doesn't feel like much has happened yet, but I don't really expect it to. The meet up between the two factions was kind of heartwarming. I have discovered that I rather like Anders, and I want to see him with all the Galactica people. It would be interesting.

- I feel as though there will be a mass rejection of Helo regarding something that formerlypreggers!Sharon will do. That moment when he's whispering sweet nothings to her in the Raptor was a little sappy, but I loved the reactions of the marines, like dude, wtf, you're talking to a Cylon. It would seem really creepy to them.
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