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BSG 2.20 - Lay Down Your Burdens pt2

Hells yes. Also, I finally installed Ubuntu on my laptop, and it it much with the good.

Warning: I posted this while I was half-asleep. Yeah.

Random thoughts:
- That was, in fact, incredibly awesome to pull that shit at the end. I admire them greatly for having the balls to pull it off. It also allows the show to change, which is really good. It's been in a bit of a rut since the Pegasus arc, in terms of pattern of the show. This changes everything

- Roslin is so hardcore. Damn straight.

- Did anyone think that Cavill wasn't a Cylon? I mean, seriously.

- I wish Tyrol had more to do in this episode.

- OMG, that moment when Baltar realizes that this was his Six? Amazing. I am in awe. Here is his lowest moment, when he is the shittiest person on the face of New Caprica, but it's also the moment where he gets his Six back (sort of). I want to see how this plays out, like now.

- Speaking of Baltar and Six, I love how his weakness and stupidity fuck him over so royally. His crazy desperation to win Gina over led to a lot of civilian death as well as the disocvery of the humans on new Caprica.

- Also, why are they after the humans again? Brother Cavill was all, blah blah blah, we won't kill you all off because we realized that it was dumb.

-Baltar, while still an asstard, is very much a great, screwed up character. I love that he somehow believes that Roslin's above rigging the election, and is completely wrong.

- I was watching Kara and Anders all drunk and happy, and I was thinking "well, this is where Lee shows up and it's awkward." So very true. The awkward was through the fucking roof.

- Tyrol/Cally was definitely really cool. Yay Chief! Yay Cally! I hope their story develops into something really interesting.

- The jump to the future was somewhat sad in that sort of "none of us are held together by very much" sort of way.

- Wow, the fleet got really, really small. I'm curious to see what happens to them. Arguably, I'm more interested in what's going to happen in New Caprica, but I think what will happen to the fleet is less, obvious?


The Usual Suspects has put Bryan Singer high up on my list of "directors of comic book movies who totally own my soul". It was, in fact, that good.

PS. Still lovng Ubuntu.
PPS. I suspect that I will attempt to split my time equally between both of my operating systems, if only because there are things I might need to use Windows for.
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