thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

FMA stuff

zauberer_sirin's remix of Walk On (you know, the gen Ed and Al thing no one read), Walk On (The Looking Glass Remix) is a very cool POV switch from Ed to Al, which actually deals with what it's like for Al to be a walking suit of armor.

Also, after being a bad fan for a very long amount of time, I actually saw the Conquerer of Shamballa (and also caught up with the last few manga chapters).

Dear FMA movie,

Way to Deus Ex Machina all over the fucking place. Learn how to set shit up next time. Also, stop smoking the bad crack.

Kinda pissy,

P.S. Also not really fond of asshole!Nazi!Hughes, but hey. that's more of a fangirl gripe. I have to give you the fact that you kinda, sorta redeemed him at the end, but since that redemption came out of fear and not, you know, actual honor or bravery or understanding, I feel like you were totally cheating with that.
Tags: fma
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