thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Several not really connected things

Happy April Fools Day everyone. I usually don't do anything, but I felt compelled to try a prank this year and it actually worked. Though arguably, everyone's a sucker for free pr0n.

On that note: Google Romance - because I am easily amused.

Saw Inside Man with my dad, which was cool and kick-ass and stuff. I love heist films, especially the ones where the robbers are intelligent and there are tons of twists and turns. And it was that.

The new Stills album was kind of disappointing. I loved Logic Will Break Your Heart, but this one does very little for me. Woe.

I have realized that my fondness for writing and reading close friends cursing at each other stems from Kevin Smith movies after watching Chasing Amy with dryadinthewood.

Going back to Brown tomorrow. w00t.
Tags: randomness
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