thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

more randomness

New Stills album is growing on me. I wish it had the same glorious atmosphere of the first, but in itself, it has its own sort of charm (but I still want the chiming guitars back).

Wilco is playing here for Spring Weekend. I have already obtained my ticket. Am very excited. It's going to be quite busy that week due to ADOCH and the two concerts, though hopefully, our professor will be kind.

Where the hell has Comix been in the past two weeks as I've been looking for a Linux equivalent to CDisplay, and I've been getting really slow crap. Comix is not only fast, but it also has a fullscreen mode that doesn't suck. Also, it's on Breezy Backports, so I didn't have to sweat compiling it myself. (Well, I did pick up a newer .deb package off the Ubuntu forums than the one on the repositories, but I'm sure that one's just as awesome.)

I've also been playing around with Wordpress, messing about with plugins and such. It's been good. It's not really hard to hack their PHP, and that makes things much better. I'm kind of leary of putting widgets into Nightvision at the moment, but I've been testing it a bit in Blogging Liek Whoa, and they are pretty damn cool.
Tags: randomness
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