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Global Paper and yet more Beatles musings

Still need to finish my paper. Damn damn. I only really need to brush it up, but still.

Good news: Best Buy did have almost all the Beatle albums on sale for $11.99, which made me very happy. I haven't even really had a chance to listen to them with all.

Hmm.. The whole Beatles thing made me wonder why the Beatles' breakup affected me at all. Then I realized that not very many of the other bands I like have broken up. U2? Still around. Coldplay? Hey look, Chris Martin is dating Gwenyth Paltrow over there. Moby? Doesn't really count since he's a solo artist. Travis? Yup, not broken up. Nirvana? Passing interest, plus the Foo Fighters aren't that bad.

Another thing is that I and many other people don't want to know that the artists that they like a fundamentally flawed. I mean the whole drugs and depression thing is OK as long as they get over it at the end. Not only that, we don't want to really see the self-preening ego and greed that these rock stars can have. That probably breaks up more groups than most people realize. We don't want to see that, we want to see bandmates be friends and hang out together and be happy. It would have been nice to know that all the Beatles' came to terms with being in the Beatles. From what Ringo has said, John was still bitter when he died.

What brought this on was the whole John Lennon / Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney / John Lennon "controversy". I mean, is it really something that we should disturb the Beatles' legacy with something as stupid as the order of the names? I'm trying to remember that the Beatles were only human and they acted arccordingly. They aren't as great in reality as their music was. Now all I have to do is remember that.

I'll just console myself with U2. I will find some time to rant about them later. :-)
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