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Alias series finale

Okay, so I've missed quite a few episodes, so I was somewhat confused with some of the things going on, especially with Sloane and Nadia, but I managed to figure some things out.

- No! Jack! Admittedly, it wasn't the worst way to go out. In fact, it was rather good, considering that a lot of the show was about their weird sort of rivalry.

- No! Irina! I think that she could have come to a better end, but I like the kind of metaphor of her death, how it was about choosing Rambaldi over life, over her family. Also, not enough of her. I think that scene was a little too anti-climactic for my tastes. I know I missed quite a bit over the last few weeks, but her going evil seemed, well, flat. Did I just miss something?

- MARSHALL IS SO MY HERO. I love him so very much. In the first hour, he and Carrie were tearing it up with their cuteness. That speech to Sloane! The way he bragged about it later! The somewhat-correct terminology involving ports! "That was Empire Strikes Back levels of cool"! Did I mention that I am totally in love with him?

- I love Sloane's end. It's definitely the ultimate punishment. To be able to live forever and not do anything with it. Of course, it's hard to say just how permanent his situation is, and I kind of want to write "Sloane dug up in the 33rd century fic" right now, but yeah. It's a good end for him.

- The flashbacks were done really well. Jack! Sloane! Francie! They weren't as illuminating as they could have been, shedding light on who Sydney is, but they really did show how far she's come, and they did allow for some Jack-being-Jack awesomeness, so yeah, I was in favor of them.

- Sloane's visions of Nadia were just perfect. He's so incredibly crazy. Like, in a good way.

- Tom dying I didn't get. Like at all. Maybe it's a Sandman thing? Like, he's faced with the choice of changing or dying, and chooses dying? Did he just not have enough time? What?

- Rachel was just sort of there. So was Dixon. They didn't really have much to do, did they? Dixon got that great moment at the end, so I forgive him.

- Really liked the ending, happy, but kinda sad at the same time. I loved that Dixon was there, that it wasn't just Syd and Vaughn. Plus, there are also Spy!babies, which definitely kicks it up a couple notches.

Overall, lots of good stuff. I think all the principles got good endings, so it's all good.
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