thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

A list

Things I think you should know:

0. Standardized tests suck.

1. Jon Stewart is funny.

10. Superman/Batman was totally my OTP before I knew what OTPs were.

11. Humidity is icky.

100. Sometimes, when I respond to people's feedback, I'm afraid that they'll read my response and think I plagiarized my story, because my response is so poorly worded and incoherent that there's no way I managed to write a story that they could actually read and understand, much less like in any way, shape or form.

101. I want to see Superman Returns. Like, a lot.

110. Sometimes, when you leave laptops on your lap, they get hot.

111. Firefox pwns you AND your mom.

1000. Base-two number systems are cool.

1001. House and Wilson are so awesome, I don't really care if they're fucking (in fiction or in, uh, fiction).

1010. Ann Coulter should get smacked in the face by non-crazy Republicans ALL THE TIME. They could also yell "STOP BEING ON MY SIDE, YOU'RE MAKING MY SIDE LOOK STUPID." I would volunteer, but I am neither non-crazy nor a Republican. Alas.

1011. There is no 1011.

1111. I would be following the World Cup if I weren't lame. My apologies.
Tags: deep thoughts, i make lists
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