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Those crazy Superman/Christ parallels

(a.k.a. she's at it again)

- If Clark is Jesus, what does that say about the Christian God in Smallville, what with Jor-El being evil and all? I think that would have been an awesome idea to play with, but then again, the writers on Smallville are generally not up to that sort of depth.

- Lois is apparently Mary Magdalene, which kind of makes sense, and kind of really doesn't.

- That shot in SR where Superman flies up to the sun? I love that moment, and I would say it's one of the most religious in the movie, but I'm not quite sure why. Any thoughts?

- Clark really does have this sort of infinite, consuming love for humanity, for Earth, that I think that's the center of him, that's what makes him him. I think that's one of the things that draws the parallels, that absolute love that he's capable of.

- I can't believe I left it out of my pervious post, but I remember someone saying that BB!Bruce's journey was like Buddha's, the human man who renounces his wealth and power to go out in search of enlightenment, and then returns to share this enlightenment with the people. I like the idea of Batman as Buddha (though that's a really funny thought) and SR!Clark as Jesus. Because Superman is all about the power in godliness, and Batman is all about the power in humanity.

ETA: I think clients should add a feature "Do you want to post this to X journal?" before posting things. Because otherwise, it's just really awkward.
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