thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

Just got back from a crazy-fun weekend in New York with my parents.

Saw two shows with my parents. One of these was Rent (which I totally blame on stars_inthe_sky), which was quite excellent. We did the whole "get tickets half off from Tkts" thing, and we got really good seats for cheap.

On the totally other hand, my mom and I went to go see Faith Healer. mostly because of Ralph Fiennes. You see, my mom has only two pop culture obsessions. Clay Aiken and Ralph Fiennes (yes, weird, I know), so it seemed reasonable to take the chance and see him live while we could. (Also, Ian McDiarmid was in it, which makes me, I think, a giant geek.) It was good, and also, quite the opposite of Rent.

Also had lots of good food. Yay.
Tags: rl stuff
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