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On writing and stuff

I'm totally writing a post-Superman Returns Clark/Lois fic. And I wanted it to be happy and fluffy, but it kind of devolved into angst, because I needed to break up Lois and Richard in a way that didn't make Richard a total asshole or Lois a total bitch and didn't really want to brush off their relationship as nothing, because it really wasn't. I like to think I succeeded. I might change my mind tomorrow.

I've got a gazillion Superman Returns plotbunnies. There's this Richard/Clark/Lois thing, this Clark gen thing. Uh, maybe a Clark/Lois/Bruce Batman Begins crossover thing. I'm not quite sure. It's crazy, yo. Arguably, I was kind of the same way when Batman Begins came out, so it all makes sense. Kind of.
Tags: fandom, superman
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