thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,


Okay, I really, really want to see The Fountain. It looks so bizarre and oddly cool. Like almost nothing we've ever seen before. Plus Rachel Weisz kicks so much ass. OMG.

I am also looking forward to Children of Men, if only for the Clive Owen and the fact that they used Sigur Ros in the trailer. Plus, I have this thing for miserable, post-Apocalyptic worlds with that tiny dash of hope.

The Illusionist has Edward Norton in it, unfortunately, it looks kind of sucky, simply because it seems to have a fairly typical romance plot. (Forbidden love omg!) Also, it's thematically very much like The Prestige, and where Christopher Nolan goes, I must follow.

I also rented Fritz Lang's Metropolis, because I think it looks interesting, and
there'sthisreallygoodSupermanElseworldsbasedonit. *cough*

Also, I have Badlands, as of zauberer_sirin's suggestion. It looks interesting, and I've been meaning to watch one of Malick's movies at some point.
Tags: movies

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