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Everything looks more intelligent in lists...

1. Okay, anyone want into Writely? I can invite anyone these days.

2. This article about the gender gap between men and women and the internet is very interesting, because this sort of thing that keeps women from going into CS. Women really don't think they're as good at computers as men. I mean, I suffer from it, too. Like, I still think I suck more at computer science than the other guys in my CS classes.

3. I like the name The Dark Knight for the Batman Begins sequel. It's nicely vague and stuff. The Heath Ledger thing is growing on me the more I think about it. Still not 100%, but still more than when I originally heard it.

4. I am also having a resurgance of my U2 love. It's been waning for a while, but listening to "Beautiful Day" still makes me want to hug the world. I like that feeling.

5. Re: Lebanon and Israel. I don't want to take sides. I just want to scream "WILL YOU PLEASE JUST STOP KILLING EACH OTHER," curl up into a ball, and cry.
Tags: batman, randomness, u2
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