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Wilson is awesome. He's so freaking screwed up and yet, so awesome. I mean, he's clearly screwed up enough that his marriages keep failing, and yet he tries so hard in some ways to be a good person, which I think is an interesting character trait.

I feel totally in favor of Roslin/Zarek. They should totally have lots and lots of politically-motivated, manipulative sex, because that would be just way too much fun to watch.

A meme:
Request a song!

The only rules - you cannot request music by band name or genre. You have to describe, in terms of color, mood, texture, taste, or any other creative way you can think of, what you're looking for in a song, and I'll give you a song in return.

I think I may pick up a slashfest claim. Probably in House, but maybe also some obscure fandom or something. Not sure.

Which also brings me to yuletide, which makes me happy. I really should nominate fandoms I want, like now. I do love yuletide lots.

Speaking of things I really should do, I should also get my absentee ballot request sent out. That just might be important. Just might.

ETA: Apparently, I can't count in lowercase Roman numerals. This almost makes me sad.
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