thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

I've spent most of this weekend hanging out with my parents. It was quite good. They brought me apples, and we went out and had delicious Thai food. That makes me happy.

Now, I'm a little conflicted about this week's BSG...

- Okay, it was an awesome episode, and I realize that it had to happen sooner or later, but I really kind of resent the giant "reset" button that this episode represents. So now the colonials are off New Caprica, the Pegasus is gone, Roslin is once again back in power, and Adama's lost the pornstache. It was executed well, but I find reset buttons a little irritating, especially since they could have had an amazing season just examining a lot of the issues they brought up in the first two episodes.

- Dude. I have no idea how they sold me on Roslin/Zarek in like three episodes, but they have. That sort of casual protectiveness was quite cute.

- Yay, shit blowing up!

- The Pegasus had a fitting end, I think. Especially with Lee's last look back.

- Baltar staying with the Cylons is interesting. I want to see more of him and Caprica Six. They haven't really done much to explore that, and it makes me sad.

- I liked a lot of the Leoben/Kara storyline, but this sort-of ending felt a little too resolved, you know? I think that those issues might come up again later, but I think they could have played with it a little more.
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