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Have now upgraded to Edgy Eft with a clean install. It's not substantially different from anything else, as far as I can tell, but Firefox 2 breaks my favorite theme. Which makes me very sad. I also had to spend a lot of time switching the tab behavior back to something that doesn't suck.

Dear house_wilson,

Stop worrying about the fucking poll and write me some porn, dammit.


Dear Youtube,

Why the fuck did you just break your videos under Linux Flash 9 beta? Are you high or something?

No love,

BSG this week!

Zarek, you are so creepy and ruthless and scaring the shit out of me. OMG NEVER CHANGE.

Roslin is like the best female character on TV. She's sharp and soft and awesome.

Gaeta! I love you so much. So very much. You need a hug. Let me hug you.

Poor Kara, she's so desperately screwed up. And poor Anders, too.

I was kind of squeeing when Tigh reacted really badly to Adama. Not so much because I hate them being friends so much as I knew that Tigh would begin to chafe under Adama's authority, and I really wanted to see that.

I loved the way they handled the central issue of the episode. Well, I generally love the way they play with the issues they bring up. Everyone's so hurt and angry and despairing. They need hugs. A lot of them.

Zarek as vice president. That's kind of awesome. Let's see where that goes.

Tonight's Tech House's big party of the the year, Javaspook. There are tons of baked goods being made in the kitchen right now. Should be a lot of fun.
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