thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

This week's House and BSG

I really loved this week's House.

- Okay, so maybe I'm biased because of the wonderful, wonderful amounts of House/Wilson interaction. Gah, they love each other so much. Like many other people, that one moment, where House admits that he doesn't really want to destroy their friendship, killed me. Killed me dead, I say.

- Plus, there was a roadtrip! I am fond of road trips.

- One other thing that I loved: the explanation for why House became a doctor. It was just so perfectly House, and it does explain the reasons for why House became a doctor pretty well.

- Also, I love the moments when House isn't playing, when it shows just how fucking intense serious!House is. It's quite amazing.

- Wilson is still totally awesome as well. The alibi! The long spiel where he accuses House of not loving him enough! The way he just kind of accepts the fact that he can't get into his bank account!

And I finally got around to seeing this week's BSG.

- I think I'm kind of with yahtzee63 on some of this. This whole "moral dilemma that disappears without us needing to get our hands dirty!" thing has to stop. The show is totally better than that. I wouldn't mind the moral dilemmas as long as their choices had reprecussions, for good or for bad.

- The torture scene was kind of intense, but I'm not sure I really liked it. Mayhap it will have some furthur importance, but right now it seemed really gratuitous.

- I really like Helo and Athena, but I think their relationship could have been explored better, especially within the context of this show.

- Okay, I may be giving the impression that I'm not digging the show, but that's not true. It is still much better than 90% of all TV out there, but it frustrates me to see it lagging a bit after such an amazing start.
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