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So yeah, I'm home now. (w00t!) The parental units and I swung around to Boston for Dim Sum before heading home. That was somewhat obnoxious because we ran into ridiculous traffic, but other than that, it was quite nice.

I also am playing around with my monitors for shits and giggles.

Lots of random rambling about this week's House:

- Wilson needs the biggest hug ever. I'm surprised he's taking it this well, all things considered.

- Cuddy kicks so much ass, it's kind of scary. "Fight with the wife?" Hee. I kind of want her to smack up Tritter, simply because it would be awesome to watch.

- That being said, I don't hate Tritter. I don't like him either. He's just really boring, and every time I see him onscreen, I prepare myself for some really anvilly "Look at me, I'm just like House!" behavior. I'm fairly certain David Morse deserved better.

- I don't know why everyone's so worried about the whole "breakup". Television shows generally have some sort of equilibrium (as long as there are no major cast changes, anyway) that they always return to, and as long as RSL is still on the show, Wilson will stick around as House's only friend. The stabilizing forces on House (the show) are also especially strong, so it'll be equilibrium in almost no time at all.

- I kind of get where people are getting "Foreman's the proto-House!" thing from, but most of the time, I think that he's too well adjusted for that. If anyone's the proto-House, it's Cameron.

- I think I get why House was being extra asshole-y this episode. I think that House would feel that any sign of sympathy, or kindness or anything remotely related to being nice, would have been a sign of weakness, especially in front of Tritter. But he also feels ridiculously guilty around Wilson, which makes him almost want to be a human being for a while. And that internal conflict is where the arm pain comes from.

- I think House also loves Wilson very much gets how much he needs Wilson, but has trouble expressing it. Generally, I don't think Wilson minds. He gets House's screwiness and is willing to let it slide, but in this case, he's getting royally screwed over, simply because he has the misfortune of being friends with House, and he wanted more from House than his typical "look at me, I'm a selfish jerk!" routine.

- I think it's especially telling when his patients are the breaking point for Wilson. Because Wilson doesn't really give a crap about the car or the bank account, what he really cares about is his job, and now he doesn't even have that.

I really need to work on like actual work and stuff. Rar. I also have an urge to play Zelda.
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