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Things I believe

1. Conclusions are the hardest part of papers. I can never get them right. They suck a lot. Kind of like your mom.

2. House is a really big asshole. An asshole with something resembling a moral compass, but that doesn't really make him not an asshole. Even then, I still think he's incredibly interesting as a character, though that just might be the fact that Hugh Laurie is charismatic as all get out.

3. Myths are really cool. I'm incredibly drawn to myths and the themes that keep repeating through them. That's probably why I love superheroes and Carnivale and religion in BSG and Neil Gaiman. Myths are just really fucking cool.

4. People shouldn't be afraid to call themselves feminists. Feminism is not a dirty word, and the more people think the fight is over, the more we all lose.

5. Clive Owen is hot. Just sayin'.

6. Computer Science is the most awesome thing ever. Seriously. Programming is just ridiculously cool. If I weren't completely lazy, I'd probably do it in my spare time, too. Also, computers are just plain cool.

7. Marilyn Monroe is overhyped. I watched Some Like It Hot last night, and while it was good and funny and she was hardly bad in it, but still, overhyped.

8. Linux is the shizznit. I just love it so much, I kind of scare myself a bit. I can't really stand using Windows anymore.

9. Ship wars are not seriuz bizness. I, personally, am not all that invested in ships, and I don't really care when other people are, up until the point it becomes incredibly negative toward other fans, just because they happen to like a different ship. At that point, I usually slap the "crazy" label on. (Harmonians, I'm looking at you.)

10. I should probably eat something. I'm pretty hungry.

11. That I totally would have finished that Five Things meme from like three months ago, except for the fact that everything I wrote sucked, and I couldn't make it not suck. Sorry.
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