thedeadparrot (thedeadparrot) wrote,

3x10 : The Passage

OMFG Battlestar this week.

- Okay, if you told me yesterday that they were going to kill off Kat and that I would care, I wouldn't have believed you. But they pulled it off.

- Mostly, none of my feelings on the matter have anything to do with the whole "Kat's sooper sekrit past omg" stuff, either. That was mostly stupid. It was that look in the mirror as she pulled out her hair, really, that made me feel it.

- Also, that last Starbuck moment, when she puts Kat's picture on the wall? That hurt. Ouch.

- I liked the whole food shortage plot device, mostly because I totally love a look at the inner workings of how the Fleet runs, and there was a little bit of that, at least.

- The femslash vibes for this episode were pretty intense. It amused me.

- I'm actually kind of interested in where the Cylon subplot is going. The Cylons are just plain interesting, The basestars are kind of goofy on the inside, which is kind of odd after the relative normalcy of their set up on Caprica. Hopefully, this will all work out in the end.

- I kind of want to write more House/BSG crossover, either about the food shortage/ massive exposure to radiation plotline or perhaps the wall 'o death. Not anything long, really, but just a little slice of life type thing.
Tags: bsg
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